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Have problems with trees in Umatilla, FL? Had enough of the stump in Umatilla, Florida you've struggled to root out from the backyard? Trim Tree Service offers home owners a wide range of Umatilla tree removal services and job-specific requests, we're certain all your designs will soon be done right. Jul 26, That’s especially for oak trees! If possible, you should not prune oak trees at all during the summer to reduce the chance of oak wilt, which is a po tentially fatal disease. If you must prune (usually for safety reasons), paint the pruning cuts to make them less attractive to oak wilt-carrying beetles.

Here's more information on the best time to trim oak trees and how often. Aug 02, Because of this added risk, Davey experts avoid pruning oaks from April through August. Just to be safe.

Some tree trimming companies still do trim oak trees during this timeframe, which unnecessarily puts your trees and wallet in danger. The Worst Case Scenario – What Happens Next. If one tree gets oak wilt, all oak trees in your yard are at risk. You have to remove the infected tree and treat the other oak trees.

Jun 22, Summer: Time to Prune Your Oak Trees. June 22, Occasionally, there will be a situation where we have to do some emergency pruning on an oak tree during spring. In those situations we take special precautions to cut down on the chances of spreading the oak wilt stumpmulching.pwted Reading Time: 4 mins. Try not to prune oak trees during the spring-summer season. Your tree will likely be healthier if you wait for winter pruning unless it’s an uncommon situation.

Resist spring and summer pruning unless it is truly necessary. Try to remember that pruning wounds heal best if the cuts take place before the spring growth stumpmulching.pwted Reading Time: 7 mins. Jun 18, This is because oak trees have a disease called Oak Wilt, which is spread by pests and could infect and even kill oak trees that are trimmed between April and October.

Always wait until the fall and winter to trim oak trees. Summer Tree Trimming Exceptions. Sometimes tree trimming in summer is unavoidable. If you encounter one of these. Jun 16, Make sure the dominant leader is always the largest branch and trim back any large splits. Trim the branches that will prevent your tree from growing how you want it to, including dead, diseased, or broken branches, branches that cross over or rub other branches, and inward-growing K.

Jul 11, Summer Is Pruning Season for Oaks While it’s always a good idea to paint fresh wounds with an oil or latex paint, the heat at this time of year actually helps protect against oak wilt.

The really hot weather of July and August is a good opportunity to give our oak trees a little trim.

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