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Feb 25, It could be because of the care or environment. This plant requires bright, indirect light and regular watering to thrive. Any environmental stress, such as under watering or cold drafts, can cause ficus tree leaves to yellow and then drop off. The leaves will almost always regrow once the underlying cause of the ficus dropping leaves is Alex Bramwell.

The ficus tree will drop yellow leaves mainly in two situations - one is that the light has been reduced, usually because the plant has been moved, or is recently purchased.

(Advice for the future - when asking for help with a plant, mention how long you’ve had it, and if anything in its environment has changed.). Mar 04, With an infestation of spider mites, leaves may be stippled with discoloration or turning yellow overall.

Plants may also exhibit a fine, spider-like webbing between the leaves or at the base of the plant. Bacterial Diseases & Fungal Infestations Stress from bacterial diseases and fungal infestations will cause ficus leaves to drop stumpmulching.pwted Reading Time: 8 mins. The OP never says how long she owned the plant, just that the leaves are falling off.

My ficus my first year really scared me when come December-January it began turning yellow in the inside and dropping leaves--lots of them--probably over a hundred (this is a big tree-over 10' now). I freaked out the first year. When this happens, the leaves often fall off yellow like those above. Solving the Problem The easiest solution to a sickly ficus tree like this is to throw it out and replace it with one of its easy-to-grow relatives, like fiddleleaf fig (Ficus lyrata), rubber plant (Ficus elastica), or"Alii' banana leaf fig (Ficus maclellandii 'Alii').

Aug 27, This is the time when your Ficus will most likely lose some leaves. They will simply turn yellow and drop. Like noted above, losing leaves is a part of a normal process. It’s not uncommon for a tree to lose 20% of its leaves during this time. May 13, This looks like tiny black dots on the backs of the leaves of the tree. The leaves may turn yellow and fall off. Remove the diseased leaves and spray with Benlate (follow the instructions exactly).

Do not mist the leaves. How to solve it: Apply sulfur sprays or copper-based fungicides weekly at the first sign of leaves falling off indoor lemon tree, West Palm Beach FL to prevent its spread.

These organic fungicides will not kill leaf spot but prevent the. Sep 21, If you have a ficus tree, you have probably experienced leaf drop, because if a ficus tree decides it is in stress, one of the first thing it does is drop its leaves to survive, and it will do this fairly quickly. There are only a few requirements a ficus tree needs to be happy and keep its leaves. She asked us why her river birch leaves were turning yellow and falling off – and how she could fix it.

There are many reasons why you too could see these symptoms. Run down the checklist below to help diagnose your tree. Test 1: Test for dry soil. If trees aren’t hydrated, the leaves can turn yellow as they try to conserve water.

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